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Primary Rainbowdance is offered to children aged 1.5- 3 years and a caregiver. A structured sequence of sound and gesture integrated movement activities encourage secure attachment to the caregiver and to the peer group, while providing a soothing and energizing first experience with peers. Through the language of the body children learn to discriminate safe and positive facial cues and physical territory exploring music, soft props and story. Rainbowdance Preschool is the developmental sequel for children aged 3-5 years. The focus in the program is upon exploring the many dynamics of peer relationships. Children dance the sequences of the Primary program but are challenged toward competency as they embody stories whose themes are appropriate to healthy social development. Focus is placed upon reciprocity and the place of the child in the natural world.

The Art & Technique of Isadora Duncan Rainbowdance prepares children aged 5-18, for this program. Having an established sense of harmony and affiliation to each other and to the natural world, they move forward to explore their unique and collective beauty and expression. Children explore emotional intention as it is manifested through music and physical movement. Themes include: Leadership and Following, Join and Retreat, Transition, Alone and Together, Nature as Teacher, Myth Based Dances and Improvisation. Mothers of 8-11 year olds may dance along for free; Teen moms will pay a reduced rate to join their child’s class. Special classes are offered to teen girls who are on the autism spectrum (Dancin’ on the Spectrum). The mothers of these girls are invited to share this movement experience with their daughters.

Class Schedule and Registration Form