Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.  However it presents itself, the cost of trauma in our communities extends far beyond the physical price to its victims. Its presence generates a cycle of violence and a culture of fear, and poses a direct threat to the healthy emotional development of our children and the sustainment of peaceful communities.  Fortunately, the problems facing youth today are not insurmountable or ineffaceable.  BCF’s evidence-based methods help to break the well-worn downward spiral of youth violence. Our solution is specific and customizable, integrated, teachable, and proven.  BCF works in schools, community centers, with emergency first responders, and concerned community individuals. Because of the varied needs of individuals and communities, BCF tailors its response with the foremost methods of prevention, intervention, and postvention for child trauma victims.

Our goal is to equip parents, teachers and practitioners with the tools to address the needs of the children in their care, while remaining a resource to guide and develop their progress. Quite often this entails BCF staff running interventions, but always with the goal of passing the baton on to the permanent members of the community, thus securing sustainability and success.