Endorsed Practitioners

Our Endorsed Practitioners have completed the Basic Rainbowdance® training, followed by 20 hours of practicum work in the field. They have also completed the Advanced Rainbowdance® Endorsement Training and are certified to independently implement the program.  The following Certified Lead Trainers*, who have undergone training and supervision under the direction of founder and director Dicki Johnson Macy, are credentialed to lead and co-lead Rainbowdance® Trainings:  Rachel Assaf, Jennifer Mueller, and Ashely Abesamra. If you are interested in bringing Rainbowdance to your site, please contact an Endorsed Practitioner in your area.

Current Endorsed Practitioners:

Metro Boston

*Dicki Johnson Macy, Ph.D., M.Ed., LMHC, BC-DMT, dickijmacy@gmail.com
*Jennifer Mueller, MA, BC-DMT, jenmueller@bostoncf.org
*Rachel Assaf, LMHC, BC-DMT rassaf1@gmail.com
Erin Tower, LMHC, MA, BC-DMT, erin.m.tower@gmail.com
Jennifer Wiles, BC-DMT, LMHC jenwiles@comcast.net
Casara Nemes, R-DMT, casara.nemes@gmail.com
Jessica Cruz, LMHC, R-DMT, MA, jessicaLkraft7@gmail.com
Katie Clark, M.Ed, katie@cambridge-ellis.org
Victoria Ludden, MA, vludden@lesley.edu  
Kevin Coughlin, MD, kecoughl@sbchc.org
Magi Lindeman, BA, DDC, Magilindeman@gmail.com
O’Lyvia Fuller, MA, livviefuller@yahoo.com 
Ace Marinelli, aces2246@gmail.com
Talia Grossman, MS, CCC-SLP, CEIS, taliaraia@gmail.com 
Violet Siyao Li, R-DMT, MA, violet_lsy@hotmail.com
Bella Mazza, R-DMT, MA, bellaamazza@gmail.com
Ashlyn O’Dowd, R-DMT, MA, ashlyn.odowd@gmail.com
Goni Rubel-Zlotnik, R-DMT, MA,
Edward Freeman, MA, P-RDT, fedwardfreeman@gmail.com
Yuliana Santos Pagán, MA, R-DMT, ysantosp@lesley.edu 
Heather Powers, MA, R-DMT, hpowers4@lesley.edu 
Angel Chan, MA, MSSc, R-DMT, angelchandmt@gmail.com

North Shore, MA/New Hampshire

Dicki Johnson Macy, M.Ed., LMHC, BC-DMT, dickijmacy@comcast.net
Alison Dudley, LICSW, SAC alison.dignam@gmail.com
Barb Harrington, M.Ed, barb@cambridge-ellis.org   
Cara Spilsbury, MA, R-DMT, cspilsbury3@gmail.com 

Greater Springfield/Pioneer Valley, MA

Kathy Mague Moss, PhD, Kcmague@comcast.net

New York

Maya Nadler, MA, R-DMT, LCAT permit, LMHC (Massachusetts), Lieberman.maya@gmail.com 
Rebecca Lallande, rebecca.lallande@gmail.com

Washington D.C./Maryland, Virginia

Sylvana Christopher, sylvidancemaker@gmail.com
Sylvia Zwi, sylviazwi@gmail.com
Ingrid Zimmer, Ingrid@innercity-innerchild.org
Natasha Mirny, nmirny@gmail.com 
Melissa Strova Valencia, stroval@outlook.es
Karen Andrea Morales-Chacana, pebbles58@gmail.com

Greensboro, North Carolina

Angela Wiley, LCMHCS, CCS, NCC, MAC, BC-DMT, RDT/BCT, CTTS, angela@dance-drama-therapy.com 

Whitefish, Montana

Ayme Krogstad, LCPC, MA, ayme@noesismovement.com

Washington State

Christy Anana, christylynn.anana@gmail.com
Collen Funk, colleenefunk@gmail.com 

San Francisco, California

Nina Saraceno, B.A., nsaraceno@gmail.com
Alicia Brewster, MA, R-DMT, aliciabrewster8@gmail.com

Sonoma, California

Shannon O’Dalton, shannon@heartwithoutborders.com
Nick Dalton, ndalton@hannacenter.org
Ria Brigmann, rbrigmann@gmail.com

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Mithila Ballal, MSc., MA, R-DMT, Registered Psychotherapist, mithilaballal@gmail.com

Toronto, Canada

Mila Volpe, MA, (R-DMT qualifying), therapy@thegreatwild.ca

Mumbai, India

Deepa Avula, MA, BC-DMT, deepa@danceformentalhealth.org

Not Current Endorsed Practitioners:

Metro Boston

Genevieve Nave, LMHC, R-DMT
Jade Doolan, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
Valerie Blanc, PhD, LMHC, BC-DMT
Molly Murphy
Kayla Brown, MA
Rebecca Newman, LMHC
Sabine Laurane, MA
Zoe Ulrich
Ka Po (Phoebe) Chung, MA
Aditi Subramaniam, BC-DMT
Leila Walker
Namyeon Kim, R-DMT
Claire Byers, MA, ET
Rachel Blum Cantone, MA, LMFT
Sarah Falo, MA

Haverhill, MA

Carmen Johnson, B.A., L.M.T., CPMT

North Shore, MA/New Hampshire

Natalie Blue, M.A., LMHC
Pamela White

Middleboro/South Shore, MA

Melissa Beane, LMHC, R-DMT

Concord/Lexington/Waltham, MA

*Ashley Lemmonds Abesamra, MA, LMHC, BC-DMT
Mollie Stolzer, BA
Sarina Kauffman, MA, R-DMT

Lawrence, MA

Robin Grealey, M.Ed.

Bolton, MA

Samantha Sundermeyer, MA, LMHC, ATR

New Haven, Connecticut

Carla Hu Alexander, R-DMT

Rhode Island

Kelsie McGinity

Greater Washington D.C.

Kristen Kissik

New Orleans, LA/Gulfport, Mississippi

Karen Meyers, M.A.

Denver, Colorado

Emily O’Sullivan, MS, CCC-SLP, CEIS

Seattle, Washington

Allie Bulliman, R-DMT


Ana Morales (Mexico only), MA
Zita Gil-Flores, R-DMT
Marigabi Cedillo, R-DMT

Wisconsin – Greater Milwaukee Area

Tori Pohl, MA, R-DMT

Nashville, Tennessee

Julia Marx, MFA, R-DMT

San Francisco, California

Andrea Chan, MA, R-DMT

Utah – Greater Salt Lake City Area

Bianca Filion, MA, R-DMT

New Jersey

Kaitlin Mulcahy, MA, LMHC
Kathleen Gebhardt, LCSW, BCD

Greater New York (Northern NY State)

Sherry Jones, MA, R-DMT


Vanessa Perrin, LCSW


Hui Chao Hsieh, R-DMT

India (New Delhi)

Ritu Shree, MA, R-DMT

South Korea

Hyun Jin Kim, MA, R-DMT


Ayako Takahashi, MA, R-DMT


Nadia Rachel, MA, R-DMT