Endorsed Practitioners

Our Endorsed Practitioners have completed the Basic Rainbowdance training, followed by 20 hours of practicum work in the field. They have also completed the Advanced Rainbowdance Endorsement Training and are certified to independently implement the program.  The following Certified Lead Trainers*, who have undergone training and supervision under the direction of founder and director Dicki Johnson Macy, are credentialed to lead and co-lead Rainbowdance Trainings:  Rachel Assaf, Jennifer Mueller, and Ashely Abesamra. If you are interested in bringing Rainbowdance to your site, please contact an Advanced Practitioner in your area.

Metro Boston

*Dicki Johnson Macy, Ed.M, LMHC, BC-DMT, dickijmacy@gmail.com
*Jennifer Mueller, MA, BC-DMT, jenmueller@bostoncf.org
*Rachel Assaf, MA, R-DMT rassaf1@gmail.com
Erin Tower, LMHC, MA, R-DMT, erin.m.tower@gmail.com
Aditi Subramaniam, BC-DMT, aditi.subramaniam@gmail.com
Jennifer Wiles, BC-DMT, jenwiles@comcast.net
Casara Nemes, R-DMT, casara.nemes@gmail.com
Leila Walker, leila.j.walker@gmail.com
Namyeon Kim, R-DMT, infeltx@hotmail.com
Genevieve Nave, MA, R-DMT, genevieve.nave@gmail.com
Jade Doolan, B.A., jade.doolan@gmail.com
Valerie Blanc, LMHC, BC-DMT, valerie.blanc@gmail.com
Molly Murphy, mollykatherinemurphy@gmail.com
Jessica Cruz, LMHC, R-DMT, MA, jessicaLkraft7@gmail.com
Kayla Brown, MA, kaylaelizabethbrown@gmail.com
Sarah Falo, MA, sarah.falo@gmail.com
Katie Clark, M.Ed, katie@cambridge-ellis.org
Rebecca Newman, MA, rnewman3@lesley.edu
Sabine Laurane, MA, slaurane@lesley.edu
Zoe Ulrich, zoe.ulrich16@gmail.com
Ka Po (Phoebe) Chung, MA, phoebeckp@gmail.com
Claire Byers, MA, ET, claire.byers@gmail.com
Rachel Blum Cantone, MA, LMFT, rachel@rbclmft.com
Victoria Ludden, MA, vludden@lesley.edu  
Kevin Coughlin, MD, kecoughl@sbchc.org
Magi Lindeman, BA, DDC, Magilindeman@gmail.com

North Shore, MA/New Hampshire

Dicki Johnson Macy, Ed.M, LMHC, BC-DMT, dickijmacy@comcast.net
Natalie Blue, M.A., LMHC, natblue0108@yahoo.com
Alison Dudley, LICSW, SAC alison.dignam@gmail.com
Barb Harrington, M.Ed, barb@cambridge-ellis.org   
Cara Spilsbury, MA, R-DMT, cspilsbury3@gmail.com 

Middleboro/South Shore, MA

Melissa Beane, LMHC, R-DMT, melissa.beane@gmail.com

Concord/Lexington/Waltham, MA

*Ashley Lemmonds Abesamra, MA, LMHC, BC-DMT, Ashleyl1233@yahoo.com
Mollie Stolzer, BA, Mollie.Stolzer@gmail.com
Sarina Kauffman, MA, R-DMT, sarinak21@gmail.com

Lawrence, MA

Robin Grealey, M.Ed, rgrealey@glcac.org

Bolton, MA

Samantha Sundermeyer, MA, LMHC, ATR, samanthasundermeyer@gmail.com

Greater Springfield/Pioneer Valley, MA

Kathy Mague Moss, PhD, Kcmague@comcast.net

New Haven, Connecticut

Carla Hu Alexander, R-DMT, ying6150@hotmail.com

Rhode Island

Kelsie McGinity, t22591@gmail.com 

Greater Washington D.C.

Kristen Kissik, owldansa@yahoo.com

Washington D.C./Maryland, Virginia

Sylvana Christopher, sylvidancemaker@gmail.com
Sylvia Zwi, sylviazwi@gmail.com
Rebecca Lallande, rebecca.lallande@gmail.com
Ingrid Zimmer, Ingrid@innercity-innerchild.org

New Orleans, LA/Gulfport, Mississippi

Karen Meyers, M.A., karbud318@aol.com

Denver, Colorado

Emily O’Sullivan, MS, CCC-SLP, CEIS, emilyoSLP@gmail.com

Whitefish, Montana

Ayme Krogstad, LCPC, MA, ayme@noesismovement.com

Seattle, Washington

Allie Bulliman, R-DMT, alliebulliman@yahoo.com


Ana Morales (Mexico only), MA anarosa_mg@hotmail.com
Zita Gil-Flores, R-DMT, zitagil82@hotmail.com
Marigabi Cedillo, R-DMT, marigabicedillo@gmail.com

Wisconsin – Greater Milwaukee Area

Tori Pohl, MA, R-DMT, toripohldmt@gmail.com

Nashville, Tennessee

Julia Marx, MFA, R-DMT, julia.r.marx@gmail.com

San Francisco, California

Nina Saraceno, B.A., nsaraceno@gmail.com
Alicia Brewster, MA, R-DMT, aliciabrewster8@gmail.com
Andrea Chan, MA, R-DMT, andreaxy.chan@gmail.com

Utah – Greater Salt Lake City Area

Bianca Filion, MA, R-DMT, biancafilion@gmail.com

New Jersey

Kaitlin Mulcahy, MA, LMHC, kaitlinmulcahy@yahoo.com
Kathleen Gebhardt, LCSW, BCD, kgebhardt@comcast.net

Greater New York (Northern NY State)

Sherry Jones, MA, R-DMT, scjones211@gmail.com

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Mithila Ballal, MSc., MA, R-DMT, Registered Psychotherapist, mithilaballal@gmail.com


Hui Chao Hsieh, R-DMT, jesuisachao@yahoo.com

India (New Delhi)

Ritu Shree, MA, R-DMT, rshree@gmail.com

South Korea

Hyun Jin Kim, MA, R-DMT, jinny2823@gmail.com


Ayako Takahashi, MA, R-DMT, ayakotakahashi67@gmail.com


Nadia Rachel, MA, R-DMT, nadia.sophia.r@gmail.com