More than half of the children in the United States suffer from one or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), such as: crime, neglect, abuse, witnessing domestic violence, substance abuse, or the loss of a parent. Studies show that these traumatic events have far reaching implications into adult life by raising the likelihood of addictive behaviors, incarceration, and violence.  Ultimately this traumatic legacy is passed onto the next generation of innocent children (Macy, et al., 2004 & Tol, et al., 2008).

Violence is a manifestation and cause of trauma. Accordingly, the most effective way to prevent violence is to intervene and treat the trauma.  In partnership with our CBI program, which addresses traumatic events once they have occurred in adolescent populations, Rainbowdance┬« offers a preventative model that helps children with high ACE scores build resiliency and self-regulation, reducing the likelihood of violence later in life.  The experience of moving together in a structured pattern, rhythmically lulled by familiar music, helps children of all ages learn how to self-soothe and develop an internalized resource base to access in times of distress.