Rainbowdance® is especially suited to support children working towards a variety of developmental, social, and behavioral goals. In our years of working with children on the autism spectrum and children with Down syndrome, we have witnessed incredible moments of connection to peers, adults, and to the music and rhythms inherent in Rainbowdance®. We offer a safe, non-judgmental, and caring environment that supports children’s exploration of peer relationships and individual expression.

“The first class was magical.  My students all took off their shoes, donned tunics and sat with strangers despite the fact that any of these events in isolation could have and should have triggered the obsessive behaviors and anxious reactions I had seen so many times already in the year.  Even my youngest and most delayed student put her aggressive behaviors aside and relaxed.

“Through her [Rainbowdance] classes, as the spring progressed, A. started to see movement not merely as an objective, but as a means of expression and a source of great pleasure.”

— Mother of an Adopted Daughter with Developmental Delays

Seeing the students relax allowed myself and my two paraprofessionals to relax as well.  As my skepticism began to fade away, I found myself enjoying the activity and seeing my students in a new light.

In the months that followed, we have all witnessed incredible growth in my class.  The students are thrilled to see the picture of our Rainbow Dance friends on the schedule every Wednesday, as am I!  It provides a wonderful respite in the middle of the week, and helps us to refocus our energy and put any negative incidents aside.  It allows my students to let down the shield around them and engage with those in their environment.”
– Rebecca Mc Vey, elementary classroom teacher for children on the autism spectrum
Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing