We have a highly qualified team specialized in trauma, psychology, education, dance and movement therapy and non-profit management, but creating violence-free communities requires wide support and participation from people like you. We are always on the lookout for qualified, self-starting individuals who share our mission and want to help. 


If you are involved in early childhood education and/or movement therapy and believe that Rainbowdance would be a valuable tool in your community, contact us or come to one of our trainings to learn more about how you can use this program.

Other ways you can help

It takes time, resources, equipment and locations to offer our programs, and we need your help raising money. This may mean joining our fundraising efforts, or maybe you have ideas of your own. We want to hear them. 

It also takes a lot of busy work to run a non-profit. If you’re a student looking for work experience or a neighbor wanting to do more for your neighborhood, please contact us for more information about volunteering.