Rainbowdance® is universal in its focus on the establishment of safety, trust, and self-esteem while also customizable to suit the unique needs of your populations.  Trainees include mental health clinicians, teachers, social workers, speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists,  program administrators, early intervention therapists, expressive therapists, child life specialists, and parents.  In these experientially-based trainings, you will learn our Rainbowdance® structure and theory, gaining the tools needed to implement this intervention with your clients and children.

Basic Rainbowdance®:  Movement Poetry Program
Through music, movement, and storytelling, the basic model of our program works to build social empathy, self-confidence and self-regulation. Rainbowdance® is adaptable for children ages 1-5 as well as children with special needs and behavioral challenges. It may be used in individual, dyadic (parent/child), and group interventions.  In this two-day training, participants will engage in both experiential and didactical learning that will ready them to immediately begin implementation of this work in their professional and personal practice.

Advanced Rainbowdance® Endorsed Practitioner Training
The newly revised Advanced Training* prepares practitioners to be well-informed advocates of the work, and credentials participants to provide Rainbowdance® Orientations to their current sites. The Orientation educates teachers, staff, and caregivers on the theory behind, and goals for Rainbowdance®, thereby enhancing community engagement and support. Upon completion of this training, participants will gain the status of “Endorsed Practitioner,” which provides discounts on BCF workshops and trainings, and earns participants a spot on BCF’s website listing of credentialed Rainbowdance® interventionists.

*The advanced training is for those whom have completed the Basic Training and 20 hours of field experience.

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