Trauma Precedes Violence

In our pursuit of building violence-free communities BCF and its research partners have begun to observe trends that lead us to the probable correlation that Adverse Childhood Experiences causing and sustaining trauma are the root of violence. Violence is but one manifestation and cause of trauma. Accordingly, the most effective way to prevent violence is to intervene and treat the trauma. BCF has developed community-based response protocols and interventions to respond to trauma and build resiliency in children of all ages.

In the immediate aftermath of tragedy or disaster BCF responds to halt the psychological effects of the acute trauma (postvention). This is a critical opportunity to intervene and reduce the long-term effects, and requires a readiness to respond when tragedy occurs. BCF also works in the community to help with survivors of violence and reduce retaliation (intervention)and finally, creates customized programs to build resiliency and healthy behavioral patterns, most notable in our early childhood program Rainbowdance (prevention).

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