Why Rainbowdance

Early childhood is a critical and often overlooked developmental window during which social, moral and ethical skills are learned; the summation of these skills prepare the child for academic and social success. This window of opportunity is a developmental period during which the brain is open to suggestion. Repetitive experience results in the development of a particular life skill, the mastering of which becomes increasingly difficult when the window closes.

Rainbowdance works in the classroom to foster the universal emotional and social skills necessary for thriving children. These include: competency, mastery, security, the overcoming of challenges and the ability to relate to others. For this reason Rainbowdance is an effective developmental tool for all socio-economic, developmental and cultural backgrounds.

Results from retrospective studies of children and adolescents show that the onset of disruptive behaviors occurs during preschool,* and that those behaviors remain stable into adulthood, unless addressed during these early years. Creating healthy developmental tools at this age can help to mitigate the potential for future behavioral problems ranging from violence to depression.

*Keenan, Shaw, et. al, 1998; Applegate, et. al, 1997

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