The Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on School Readiness  concluded that the three most essential indicators of readiness to enter kindergarten were: Self-Esteem, the ability to Self-Regulate, and sense of Social Empathy.

The child who has developed self-esteem and confidence is prepared to confront his social, emotional and physical worlds with the curiosity and courage necessary to interact with them.

In the Rainbowdance group, children move through simple, repetitive and harmonious group ritual, movement activities and song. Because the activities are easy to master, children feel self-esteem and competency through participation. The repetition creates a dependability that allows them to anticipate the sequence of the activities. As children and participating adults sing and move together in a circle, which is symbolic of equality, all develop a simultaneous sense of self-esteem and collective esteem. This dual process is a healthy model for creating community.

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