Massachusetts Governor’s Forum

The Governor’s Commission on School Readiness was created in February 2001 by Executive Order. The Commission was charged with making recommendations to the Governor about how to improve services for children aged birth to five years to ensure their readiness to enter, learn, and succeed in school. Massachusetts was later invited to participate in a 14 state initiative of the Ford Foundation to develop indicators of school readiness. 2000 providers used a broad scale to determine how kids were doing in certain areas; It was determined that Social/Emotional and Transition Issues contributed to 80% of the problems which hindered readiness. It was determined from this study that socio-emotional health is a stronger indicator of readiness for school than is academic competency. The Commission determined that three indicators of readiness for Kindergarten include:

  1. Self-Esteem
  2. The Ability to Self-Regulate, and
  3. A Sense of Social Empathy

These readiness goals are the goals described for Rainbowdance.