History of Rainbowdance

Dicki Johnson Macy founded Rainbowdance in 1988. For decades she has been on the cutting edge of expressive therapy devoted to the healthy future of children and their communities. Dicki is a direct lineage holder in the art and technique of Isadora Duncan, who is considered by most to be the creator of modern dance. Dicki distills her methodology from Duncan’s theory of continuous movement that includes sensitivity to the literal and metaphorical flow of energy into and out of the body. She also counts among her teachers: children of war, natural disaster, emotional and physical disabilities, the joyful and all of those that have been disregarded. Her programs have been presented and implemented nationally as well as in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Under her guidance, Rainbowdance has become a successful tool for our world’s children. Developing physical, emotional, and social competency, these children collectively experience the harmony and cooperation that enriches their lives. As part of the Boston Children’s Foundation the Rainbowdance program has been successfully implemented with hundreds of children, and has proven its worth as an artful, compelling and healing intervention. Rainbowdance sets itself apart from other early childhood interventions with its profound simplicity and thoughtful treatment of complex challenges.