BCF Training and Consultation

Training is not only a key component of our work, but also a core value at BCF. Violence-free communities depend on teachers, community leaders, parents and stakeholders of every kind to respond when trauma occurs. These populations are notoriously overworked and underequipped. Through our trainings and consultations we meet and consult with the parents and professionals in at-risk areas to develop a strategy that works for them and then respond with tailored responses to their unique needs. Each of our listed programs (i.e. CBI, Rainbowdance, Ballers) are responses to unique needs and can be taught to permanent members of the community. However, every training is preceded by a consultation to decide if trainings, BCF-run interventions or institutional strategic plans are the most effective response.

BCF’s extensive experience in dealing with post-trauma, at risk and resiliency efforts gives it tremendous expertise that has been leveraged by the Department of Mental Health, Boston Public Schools and first responders, among others. All BCF trainings serve the goal of creating violence-free communities. In addition to interventions, BCF also trains in Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Post Traumatic Stress Management (PTSM), geared at clinicians, first responders and community leaders.